Dolphin Pool Services

Dolphin Pool Services

Our team are able to help you with repair and renovation services to your pool. Our services include the technical and electrical centre of your pools including the pumps, filters and lighting.

We are also able offer the same repairing and renovation services for spas and hot tubs.

Our services also include design, construction and installation advice. We ensure that the maintenance and servicing of your pool is to the highest standard leaving you to experience the pleasure and enjoy your swimming pool.

The services we offer are:

As well as swimming pool maintenance we also offer: Pumps/Filters
  • Pump repair/ replacement
  • Pump rooms installation/ updates
  • Filter repair/ replacement
  • Leak detection and repair
  • Sand change for pool filter (recommended every three years)
  • Salt water chlorination systems
  • Automatic pH regulators
  • Electric box installation/ repair
  • Heat pump installation and repair
  • Pool lighting repair/ replacement
  • Pool tiling/ repairing
  • Pool liners installation
  • High pressure tile wash
  • Pool Covers
    • Automatic /manual pool covers repair/installation
    New Installations
    • Spa/ hot tub supply and installation
    • Swiming pool design /creation/ installation

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